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EspaHajj: Virtuous shoes

Designed in France and handmade in Morocco, EspaHajj has been especially developed for the Islamic pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah to Mecca. Inspired by the espadrille, Espahajj has no stitches and is comfortable, light and insulated to heat.

Best shoes to perform Hajj and Umrah


  The Espahajj shoes are made without a single stitch thanks to our exclusive technique. We choose the best materials, including our unique quality leather. Our Espahajj feature an unprecedented simplicity and innovation.


Espahajj give the pilgrims of Mecca unequaled comfort to perform the Hajj. Their shape and no-stitch design give your feet maximum freedom with no risk of injury. Because the sole is stable and flexible, your feet get a soft and comfortable footbed.


Hajj Shoes has committed to making shoes resistant to the conditions of the Hajj. That’s why we carefully chose the soles and built them in the shoe upper with our unique assembly technique. Thus, you can be sure you get harmonious and durable shoes.


Hajj Shoes has bet on a fully artisanal fabrication, which is the reason why we went for a local and virtuous production. All our shoes are exclusively handmade. Each and every shoe requires several hours of meticulous work by skilled craftspeople.

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